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Akasa Venom Power 1000W PSU Review

In order to provide you with the most professional and accurate reviews, we are using the following equipment to test the performance of power supplies:

  • Modified SECC steel case with thermal generation and control components installed
  • 8 Vantek electronic loads, USB controlled
  • Extech 380803 TrueRMS Power Analyzer
  • USB Instruments Stingray Oscilloscope
  • SL-5868P digital sound level meter
  • CompuLAB interface
  • MyPClab thermal interface
  • Labjack U3-HV interface
  • Custom calibration box
  • Custom software

More information about our testing equipment and methodology can be found in this article.


The electrical performance of the Venom Power series has certainly improved significantly since our last contact with the series. The voltage regulation is average, reaching 3% on the 12V line between minimum and maximum load. On the other hand however, the ripple suppression is more than just excellent, especially considering the high power output of this PSU.

While the efficiency of the Venom Power 1000W unit is high, we were unsurprised as this product comes with an 80Plus Gold certification. Even then, the power supply met and exceeded the certification parameters only while it was being powered from a 110V A/C source, with the efficiency at 50% being slightly beyond the 92% limit which the certification requires.

Considering the very high output and efficiency of the power supply, the thermal performance of the Venom Power 1000W unit is astonishing. The largest temperature Delta between the ambient temperature and that of the unit's exhaust was 8°C, under maximum load.

By looking at the chart above, an experienced user can easily understand the cause of this unit's excellent thermal performance. The cooling scheme which Akasa programmed into the thermal controller of the Venom Power 1000W unit is very aggressive and thus the fan spins much faster even with small changes to the system's load. As such, the Venom Power 1000W unit is silent only up to 30% load. Between 40% and 60% load the sound coming from the power supply is audible, but not annoying. Unfortunately, any load beyond 70% makes the Venom Power 1000W clearly audible, even above other equipment.

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