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Akasa Venom Power 1000W PSU Review

The lime green bladed 135mm fan beneath the honeycomb mesh is made by Young Lin Tech and is based on the popular DFS132512H, a high speed (1700RPM) sleeve bearing fan of proven quality. Akasa is also using a proprietary fan frame with vents which help to direct the airflow.

Much like with most high performance Akasa units, the OEM behind the Venom Power 1000W power supply is Andyson; not the OEM we frequently see behind high output power supplies. The design is clean but the assembly is merely OK, with the soldering job being somewhat sloppy for a power supply of this level.

Akasa went with a switch which cuts off both the live and the neutral of the A/C line. The filtering stage begins at the back of the A/C receptacle with two Y-type capacitors and one X-type capacitor. Two more Y-type capacitors and one more X-type capacitor may be found on the main PCB, alongside two filtering chokes and a surge suppressing MOV, creating a complete filtering circuit.

Teapo provides the primary side capacitors, both rated at 420V/330μF. Each and every of secondary side electrolytic capacitors is supplied by Teapo as well. There are two primary rectifying bridges and both are sandwiched together onto the large heatsink to the edge of the board alongside the active PFC components, two transistors and two diodes, a rather unique layout.

In order to Andyson to meet 80Plus Gold efficiency standards, DC to DC conversion was necessary. The DC to DC converters generating the minor 3.3V and 5V lines have been placed on two small PCBs right after the heatsink holding the secondary side transistors which generate the 12V rail. 

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