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Akasa Venom Power 1000W PSU Review

Akasa really tried hard to have the Venom Power 1kW unit standing out of the crowd. This power supply is sprayed with a smooth, matte black paint, sports a lime green cooling fan covered by a honeycomb grid fan guard with a metallic logo of the series in the middle and features a semi-modular design; all these in a typical ATX 160mm long chassis, which allows the power supply to fit inside all ATX-compliant cases.

Instead of using stickers, Akasa etched the series logo on the sides of the power supply. Problem is, the etching is very discreet and may not be visible if there is not enough lighting.

We found the sticker with the electrical specifications and certifications of this power supply at the top side of the chassis. This sticker will only be visible in cases which have their power supply compartment located at the bottom of the system and if the power supply is installed with its fan facing downwards.

Much like any other modern unit, the rear of this power supply is entirely perforated in order to allow for the air pushed by the cooling fan to escape to the outside of the case. The unit uses a standard A/C power cable and on/off switch.

At the front we can see the six connectors for the modular cables. As this power supply is of semi-modular design, nearly half of the cables are hardwired to the body of the unit and exit through a typical round hole. The modular cable connectors are all black, with legend labels under each connector. This unit offers the following number of connectors:


Native cables

24-pin ATX connector

8-pin EPS/ATX 12V CPU connector

4+4 pin ATX 12V CPU connector

2 x 6+2 pin PCIe connector

Modular cables

4 x 6+2 pin PCIe connectors

8 x SATA connectors

8 x Molex connectors

2 x Floppy connector


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