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Akasa Nero 3 CPU Cooler Review

Despite it having been designed to be a value to middle range product, the Nero 3 is an actually quite large tower cooler. The cooler is 160mm high, meaning that it will fit in ATX cases but it is unlikely to fit inside most desktop/HTPC cases. The top aluminum fin is polished and the company logo is etched at the middle of the fin’s surface.

The aluminum fins of the Nero 3 are large and offer ample heat dissipation surface, yet they are also very thin and quite delicate; a comparatively little amount of force can easily bent them. The fins form notched “teeth” edges in an effort to reduce air backpressure and minimize noise.

Four copper heatpipes run though the base of the Nero 3 cooler and transfer the heat from the CPU directly to the aluminum fins. Akasa did not nickel plate the heatpipes; however they did polish them very well.

The base of the Nero 3 cooler forms a “direct touch” design, meaning that the heatpipes themselves are coming in contact with the CPU core. The rest of the cooler’s base is made out of aluminum and is only meant to ensure the mechanical cohesion of the base. This design is very efficient but also forms thermal gaps between the heatpipes, limiting its potential.

Akasa supplies a piano black glossy 120mm fan with the Nero 3 cooler. The fan is made by Young Lin Tech and its model part number is DFS122512M, meaning that this is a sleeve bearing fan with a maximum speed of 2000RPM. At 2000RPM no 120mm is anywhere near silent; thankfully though the speed of the fan can be controlled by any modern motherboard. It is also interesting to note that Akasa sleeved the fan’s cable.

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