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Aisha Tyler to host the upcoming E3 Ubisoft Conference

Host of last year’s Ubisoft conference, the higher-ups must have loved her so much to bring her back again. Some may know her as Lana Kane from the popular FX Series, Archer, or the new host for the Whose Line Is It Anyway reboot, Aisha Tyler is a comedic powerhouse and she’ll be bringing it to E3 this year. Aisha has professed her love of gaming in interviews and on her podcast, Girl on Guy, with a passion and with a great stage presence and comedic delivery, she is sure to wow E3 fans again this year.


She tweeted only a few hours ago:



After a pretty good response from last year’s audience,  Ubisoft have definitely put there money in the right place as Tyler has a great rapport with younger audiences and it’s just awesome to see a woman on stage at a gaming convention. Tyler has also professed her love of all things Halo in the past and was even a voice actor in the 2010 title, Halo Reach. Tyler definitely has thick skin when it comes to the gaming audience as she replied to online critics, last year, claiming her to being just an actor or puppet for Ubisoft in a Facebook Note entitled Dear Gamers.


via Aisha Tyler’s Twitter


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