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After Japan Apple files for ‘iWatch’ trademark in many other countries, launch imminent?

After recently filing for the ‘iWatch trademark’ in Japan as well as Russia, Apple has expanded this trademark filing to a host of different countries around the world. Is this an indicator of an imminent launch?

Apple iWatch concept

It was only a few days back when we reported that Apple had filed for an iWatch trademark in Japan. Rumors of Apple making a smartwatch have been around for quite a long time. Only recently it was said that the company was shopping around for 1.5 inch displays for this new gadget. Apple hasn’t confirmed if its indeed working on such a product, but with the market for wearable gadgets getting ripe, many analysts believe that its only a matter of time before Apple comes out with the iWatch.

This trademark filing has been expanded to other countries as well. On June 3rd, a request for this trademark was filed with Mexico’s Institute of Industrial Property. Taiwan, Turkey, Colombia and Chile have all received iWatch trademark requests from Apple. Many would think that this is an indicative sign of an imminent release of Apple’s new wearable gadget. The time-frame does align with the release rumors of this device.

It is believed that Apple will unveil the device later this year, possibly around the holiday season. Some are of the view that it won’t be launched until next year. Whatever the case may be, Apple already has the public on its toes, many of whom are anxious to see the company launch an entirely new device.

Source: [9to5Mac]

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