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Aereo contines expansion, promises OTA TV streaming in Utah on August 19

The TV streaming service that has been the subject of some particularly vicious lawsuits is planning to expand to Utah on August 19.


Streaming TV service Aereo is planning to launch in Utah on August 19. When launched, it will allow those who have signed up for the service to stream broadcast TV to their devices over the internet.

Aereo users pay to rent a dedicated antenna that captures over-the-air content. Aereo’s software affords users some basic DVR functionality, allowing users to record, rewind, stop or fast forward the show they are watching.

Aereo contends that all of this is perfectly legal since it is simply facilitating capturing free over-the-air TV signals that one can do on their own with an antenna purchased at a store. The courts tend to agree, and have rejected arguments from broadcasters who say that Aereo is killing the cable and satellite business model of retransmission fees in court up to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

Broadcasters have found the idea of Aereo so offensive that some have threatened to halt over-the-air broadcasting altogether and only deliver their signal to providers directly should the courts not rule against the service.

“It’s illegal,” the CEO of CBS is quoted as saying, referring to Aereo’s business model. “They’re taking our signal and charging people for it.”

Aereo seems undeterred by these threats, and is continuing plans for expansion promising a launch in Chicago in September.

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