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Adobe Releases x64 Flash Plugin For Major Platforms

The community asked for it, and finally, Adobe has delivered. After more than a year of waiting, Adobe has finally released a native x64 version for its popular Flash Player web browser plugin. And this time, it is available to users of all web browsers and operating systems.

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Ever since 64-bit computing became mainstream thanks to various OS programmers releasing 64-bit versions of their operating systems, Adobe’s Flash Player plugin has been been notorious for remaining available only as a 32-bit version. This has caused lots of disconentent among users of pure 64-bit operating systems, as the lack of a proper plugin prevents viewing of various online content such as Youtube videos or Flash games.

However, it seems that all the waiting has finally paid off: Adobe has just released a preview version of their updated Flash 10.1 plugin on Adobe Labs. And the biggest draw of this preview release? The introduction of a native x64 version of the plugin for all web browsers and operating systems.

We have tested the preview release on our own x64 build of Firefox, and the plugin has proven to be fully functional, as shown in our screenshot of the plugin playing a video from Youtube:

The preview release of Adobe’s x64 Flash Player plugin can be downloaded from Adobe Labs here. And remember that this is a preview version and not a final shipping release, so the usual disclaimer about potential system damage applies.

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