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Adobe kicks off Acrobat X Wizard quiz

Adobe's software is highly regarded by many professionals to be the de facto standard set of tools for churning out creative works in the media industry. Unfortunately, having the power of professional software at one's fingertips usually comes at a heavy price, literally. But if you want a chance to get your hand on some of Adobe's software without having to foot a single cent, why not give this little quiz of sorts from Adobe a go and see what prizes await you?

Do you fancy getting your hands on a copy of Adobe's latest office productivity and creative tools? If so, then you are in luck: Adobe has got a few of these products to give away as prizes. All you have to do is take part in a simple quiz or 'quest' known as the Adobe PDF Guild Quest, answer some questions, recommend a few friends to take the quiz and you might be one of the lucky few to walk away with a copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements 9.

To take part, users have to visit Adobe's PDF Guild website at http://www.adobepdfguild.com/and sign in with their Facebook account, as shown in the screenshot below. Doing so will make you a member of the Guild.

Do take note that you will need to have an actual working copy of Adobe Acrobat X (either 30-day trial or full version) in order to proceed with the quiz, as users are required to use the software as a tool for fulfilling certain tasks such as creating certain PDF files which must then be uploaded to Adobe's servers. The goal is to attain a 'Wizard' ranking at the end of the quiz to prove your mastery of Adobe's Acrobat X productivity tool.

Here's a caveat though: users are only allowed one attempt at the quiz, and the scores gained in the process of doing so is definitely not enough to net some of the better prizes Adobe is giving away. This is where having a huge network of virtual friends becomes a huge asset. Indeed, Adobe has confirmed that there are other ways of chalking up points, and that involves being an active member on Adobe's PDF Guild's Facebook page and recommending more friends to take up the Guild quiz.

Of course, you can also expect some form of rewards for your efforts.

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