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Adobe Announces New Acrobat X PDF Editing Software

Pricing and availability

Adobe had always provided up to three SKUs for the Acrobat software bundle, and we see that this practice has also been carried over for Acrobat X.

However, what distinguishes Acrobat X from the earlier versions of the software is that Adobe has modified one particular SKU in order to provide a more complete software bundle for heavy users. While Acrobat was previously available in either Standard, Pro or Pro Extended versions, Acrobat X drops the Pro Extended SKU in favor of the new Arobat X Suite, which comes bundled with a small amount of Adobe’s creative software such as Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Acrobat X Pro, Adobe Presenter 7, Adobe Captivate 5, Adobe Media Encoder CS5 and Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES2 software.

As shown in the image above, the Adobe Acrobat X SKUs will have two pricing schemes: a ‘Full’ option meant for new customers, and an ‘Upgrade’ option which is available at a reduced price for existing Acrobat users.

However, Adobe has also announced a little ‘surprise’ for its customers: those who have ordered a copy of Adobe Acrobat 9 at any point of time between Acrobat X’s official announcement and its estimated shipping date (approximately 30 days from now) will receive Adobe Acrobat X instead of Acrobat 9. This essentially means that such customers are getting a free upgrade to Acrobat X at the cost of an Acrobat 9 SKU.

The pricing for various Adobe Acrobat X SKUs are as follows:

– Adobe Acrobat X Standard (US$355, US$165 for upgrade version)

– Adobe Acrobat X Pro (US$529, US$235 for upgrade version)

– Adobe Acrobat X Suite (US$1459, US$969 for upgrade version)

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