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Add a transparent solar film to your Smartphone to increase battery life by 20%

SunPartner is a French company who is working on a very interesting product, near transparent solar films for your Smartphone that will enhance your device’s battery life by as much as 20%.

transparent Solar film SunPartner (1)

French company SunPartner (very suggestive company name) is hard at work developing transparent films that you can add to your Smartphone to enhance battery life. How’s that done? Well, the actual film is an arrangement of alternating thin strips of photovoltaic cells and a transparent film. SunPartner went ahead with their product instead of waiting for 100% transparent films, which would take a bit longer to complete development.

Despite the unfinished state of this exciting new product, the solar charging films have already attained 82% transparency, with the next step promising to up that number to 90%.  A fully transparent film would of course be most ideal as it would not hinder your display viewing experience one bit. Until then, you simply have to give up a bit of screen quality for a slightly improved battery life.

transparent Solar film SunPartner (2)

Illustration showing how this new technology works

Coming to the actual use of the product, SunPartner promises to extend your Smartphone’s battery life by as much as 20% under normal usage. The company makes tall claims that your Smartphone can idle indefinitely if exposed to enough daylight, of course we will have to wait for the actual product to test that out.

Currently, SunPartner is working with three different manufacturers to test their promising new technology. Perhaps we’ll see fully transparent film cum screenguard with higher efficiency (than just 20%) in the coming year or two.

Source: IEEE Spectrum via The Register (UK)

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