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acer laptops jt wang ceo resigns

Why Acer keeps on tumbling: company gets second CEO in a month

Once a giant, troubled PC manufacturer Acer appointed its second CEO in just under a month today.

acer laptops jt wang ceo resigns

The company which used to be the second largest computer vendor in the world has seen a steady decline in sales since 2011 as it failed to keep up with the evolving personal computer market.

Once popular for its inexpensive line of desktops and laptops, Acer followed many large companies like HP and Dell in the shift from high-priced products to low-cost efficient devices. Since then, a decline in quality and design, and changes in buying habits of consumers has led the company to take desperate measures for survival.

Also, as smartphones and tablets continue to become the largest sources of revenue for most computer manufacturers, companies like Acer, HP and Dell have failed to shift in accordance with user preferences and have only managed to come up with sub-standard devices in a highly competitive market, dominated by the likes of Apple and Samsung.

As a result of these mistakes, Acer currently possesses only 8.6 percent of the total market share. After a dreadful loss in Q3 of 2013, the board has replaced J.T. Wang less than a month since he was appointed, calling back Acer founder Stan Shih to be the company’s president, who will return to the company after almost nine years since his retirement. Although a startling move, it seems to be an essential one as Acer needs a major game changer in order to back in the market.

Source: Reuters

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