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Acer ASPIRE S3 Ultrabook Review

We are sure many people would be interested to know the internal architecture of the machine, and therefore, we took it apart to have a closer look. The motherboard is not a single piece design, but the use of flexible cable to link the plates. The advantage is when a certain problem arise, you just need to replace individual parts instead of the entire motherboard. However, maintenance could be a huge problem.

The radiator with a single heat-pipe design that connects the processor to the south bridge. Note that the heat pipe measures 8.77mm in diameter. The ASPIRE S3 also comes with 4GB DDR3-1333 memory which unfortunately is welded to the board and can not replaced.

Our review unit is the ASPIRE S3-951-2464G33iss01 model with 320GB SATA hard disk and 20GB SSD drive. The 20GB SSD is using the Phison controller with Toshiba memory chip. If the last two digit of the model number is "02", it means that the configuration is using SSD drive only.

The Ultrabook comes with a 3-cell 3280mAh 36.4Wh battery, and you can find out how good is the battery performance in the next page. We also found Nuvoton environmental control chip, as well as the streamlined I/O connectors.

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