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Acer Announces Wave Of New Products For 2011

Remember the article we posted a couple of days back about Acer’s ambitious plans for its tablet/slate devices? Well, it appears that a little more detail about the tablet has been released today, most of which are hardware-related.

To begin with, the tablet which Acer has just announced with sports a 10-inch display, which is a common screen size found in most netbooks today. However, it appears that Acer is keen on positioning this particular tablet as more of an alternative to netbooks than a full-fledged tablet, due to the fact that the company intends to bundle the device with a docking station that comes with its own full-sized keyboard.

Interestingly, while the tablet will run on Windows 7 and x86 processors as described earlier, Acer has opted to ditch Intel’s processors in favor of those from AMD. However, the company has refrained from announcing which particular AMD processor will be used in the device, instead simply stating that a ‘next-generation AMD platform’ will be utilized. Last but not least, the device will feature two built-in 1.3-megapixel cameras, located on both its rear and front.

Needless to say, Acer’s decision to opt for AMD processors in its tablet will probably raise some eyebrows among the hardware community. While there is a strong possibility that the company is doing so purely as a cost-cutting measure, we can’t say that Intel will be very pleased with Acer’s decision, considering how hard the former has been working on attempting to gain a foothold in the processor market for embedded devices.

Reference: Akihabara News

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