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Acer announces new Aspire 5755 multimedia notebook in UK

Do you enjoy playing with multimedia notebooks? Well, if your answer to that question is a resounding "yes", Acer has got just the device for you, and it comes in the form of a new notebook known as the Aspire 5755, which boasts some decent hardware and specifications to boot. Oh, and it comes equipped with a certain wireless technology from Intel which will probably attract neat freaks who cannot stomach the idea of dealing with cables.

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Notebooks are supposed to be used only for work and casual entertainment, right? Well, not in today's context they aren't; apparently, the notebook today is expected to be an extremely versatile tool capable of some serious entertainment such as mid-range gaming and the playing back of full HD movies without any signs of slowdown or lagginess. And leave it to Acer to provide consumers with yet another choice in the multimedia notebook department with the announcement of its new Aspire 5755, which is apparently designed to cater to the needs of "multimedia lovers looking to get their entertainment fix on the go".

According to a report published by Tech Digest, the Acer Aspire 5755 multimedia notebook is powered by Intel's Sandy Bridge platform (as most would expect from notebooks that are released recently), and that Acer is reportedly offering a variety of processors for consumers to choose from in order to suit their personal needs and budget, with the top-end configuration utilizing the i7-2820QM processor. In addition, the notebook's graphics crunching capabilities will be provided by NVIDIA's Optimus-capable GeForce 540M graphics card, which is definitely powerful enough to handle just about anything a user would throw at it (except for graphics-intensive games, of course).

Backing up the notebook's processing power is 8GB of DDR3 memory and up to 1TB of storage capacity, so suffice to say users should not expect to run out of space on the Aspire 5755 anytime soon, even after transferring their entire collection of games and movies into the notebook. The display, unfortunately, will probably be a bit of a deal breaker, as Tech Digest has reported that the 15-inch screen is only capable of resolutions of up to 1366×768.

However, if you are the sort of user who often hooks up his or her notebook to a huge television set to enhance your multimedia experience, you will find that there is something extra which the Aspire 5755 is capable of offering, and it comes in the form of built-in support for Intel's Wireless Display or WiDi technology, which allows users to stream content directly from the notebook to an external display without the need to deal with those cumbersome wires. Of course, if WiDi is not your thing, there is always the trusty HDMI-out and Acer's own clear.fi to fall back on.

No mention about the Aspire 5755's global availability (if at all) has been made, although Tech Digest is claiming that the notebook will be retailing in the UK at the starting price of £899 or approximately US$1,440.

Source: Tech Digest

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