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AC Ryan MobiliT External Batteries!

Your laptop battery is almost dead and the manufacturer is ripping you off for a new battery? Need a high capacity USB battery for your USB portables? The AC Ryan MobiliT is the answer to your woes.

When was the last laptop you dumped because the battery went dead?  Frustrated because you need to check an email and your battery died on you while you were out? AC Ryan has a good solution for you… The MobiliT External Laptop battery is a 9 cell battery that comes with 6000mAh of power and a full set of power converters ensuring maximum compatibility with your mobile computers.

The 9 Cell Battery is enclosed in a aluminum case with a brushed finish

The AC Ryan emblem

Specs. switchable voltage beterrn 5.5, 16 and 19V

USB out for charging USB devices, 16>19V switch and adaptor in switch

LED indicators telling you the remaining battery strength

a whole series of adaptors to ensure maximum compatibility with your laptop


Battery is charged via  your laptop adaptor via the adaptors provided. With this battery, My IBM T43 can last me more than 8 hours on the go coupled with my stock 6 cell battery!

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