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AC Ryan launches new HD media player, calls it Playon!DVRHD

AC Ryan has announced the availability of the new Playon!DVR HD media player, a device which it claims is the world’s first DVR+ HD media player that allows for online remote access.

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When you have a HD television set (HDTV), it goes without saying that you will want to hook up your entire collection of downloaded movies and marvel at how clear every single detail is on said television set. That is perfectly fine.
And of course, after you have gone through your entire collection and finished going ‘ooohh’ and ‘ahhhh’ about the superb picture quality, you will want to stick up on even more content for later viewing. And this is exactly where the new AC Ryan Playon!DVR HD comes in to solve those needs.
Like most conventional media players in the market, the Playon!DVR HD comes with standard features such as recording abilities, internet connectivity and a pre-installed BitTorrent client (for legal downloads), and supports a wide variety of media formats and codecs, but what , sets it apart from the competition is its ability to be remotely accessed and administered.
According to AC Ryan, this means that once the Playon!DVR HD is hooked up to the internet, users can then access and administer it like they would a NAS from the comfort of their PCs or notebooks, thus allowing for online media transfer or retrieval from all over the world. In addition, users can also make use if the Playon!DVR HD’s remote access to remotely record television programs, which adds on to the convenience factor.
The Playon!DVR HD will be available for sale locally from the end of July and is available in two versions: a barebones set for S$299 which only contains the player, and a Harvey Norman-exclusive variant which has a 1TB hard disk pre-installed into the device for S$399.

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