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ABIT KV8-MAX3 Board Review

The first thing one will notice about the KV8-MAX3 is the OTES
cooling technology on the board’s I/O panel. OTES technology was first launched
with ABIT’s overclock GeForce 4 Ti 4200 video card and now has made it onto
ABIT’s flagship MAX line of motherboards. OTES cools the PWM power regulation
mosfets and capacitors, components that can get extremely hot through prolonged
use and overclocking.

As we examine the CPU socket, you can see that ABIT make a conscious
effort to make sure that large heatsinks would fit on the board as the capacitors
and other board components are all a good distance away from the socket.


The VIA K8T800 chipset with Hyper8 technology, the
HyperTransport link between the AMD64 processor and chipset provides a
16-bit/1.6GHz data transfer rate for a total bandwidth of 6.4GB/s. VIA K8T800
enables a full 16-bit/1.6GHz implementation of the HyperTransport bus for the
AMD64 platform.


ICS 950403 clock generator is a main system clock solution for
desktop designs using the AMD K8 CPU. It provides all necessary
clock signals for Clawhammer and Sledgehammer with AMD, VIA or ALI systems. The
ICS950403 is part of a whole new line of ICS clock generators and buffers called
TCH™ (Timing Control Hub).


Here we can see the VT8237 Southbridge as well as its two native
SATA ports. Also in the picture we see the easy to use CMOS jumper.


The board’s three DIMM slots run DDR266/333/400 and have a maximum
capacity of 3GB.


The Realtek ALC658 has six 20-bit DAC channels, two pairs of
stereo 18-bit ADC, and an AC’97 2.3 compatible six-channel audio CODEC designed
for PC multimedia systems. The ALC658 incorporates proprietary converter
technology to achieve 100dB sound quality. ALC658 CODEC provides three pairs of
stereo outputs, with 6-bit volume controls and multiple stereo and mono inputs,
along with flexible mixing, and gain and mute functions to provide a complete
integrated audio solution for PCs. It is designed to be analog inputs and
outputs automatically detected by hardware (Universal Audio Jack).


3Com 3C940-MV00 Gigabit Ethernet builds on Marvell’s PHY.


Debug LED for diagnostics purposes


And now we have the four other SATA ports featured on the motherboard,
courtesy of the Silicon Image S11314CTI76 RAID controller. We also see ABIT’s
µGuru processor, a feature we’ll look into soon.


The KV8-MAX3 has the standard PS/2 Inputs, S/PDIF, 6 channel audio,
four USB 2.0, one firewire, and one Gigabit ethernet port on the I/O panel.

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