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If you’ve
noticed, ABIT has gone back to using their orange-coloured PCBs found on their
NF7-S series of motherboards. The board uses a 3-phase power circuitry and the
capacitors on the board are mainly KZJ and OST ones. The components and
connectors are well spaced out, so I don’t expect to see any cable management
problems. The jumper caps are all yellow in colour, and have an extension to
them, allowing the user to switch jumper positions with much ease if the need

The board
has a very spacious feel to it. For example, running two 7800GT cards in SLI,
and then popping in a sound card into the last PCI slot, and a TV tuner card
into the first PCI-E x1 slot, would still allow ample ventilation.

MOSFETs underneath the Silent OTES unit, ATX12V connector and SYSFAN header, all
close to one another.

ATX12V connector has been shifted down and is now no longer at the top left-hand
corner of the board. This move would definitely be welcomed by users that use
power supplies which have short power cables in cases like the Antec P180 and
Silverstone TJ06. Do note that you might run into a little bit of problem if you
install really large coolers such as the Zalman CNPS7700-Cu for your processor.
You will end up bending and squeezing your ATX12V cable below that massive
heatsink of yours to get it connected.

and SATA connectors are well-placed at the corner of the board, out of the way
of your long graphic cards and other PCI cards. The Firewire and USB headers are
also pushed to the near end of the board. However, the FDD and 12V molex
connector positions will only suit those using casings such as the P180
and TJ06 again. But with some cable routing, it would look just as good in
other cases.

The rear I/O panel
consists of two PS/2 ports for both keyboard and mouse, an optical S/PDIF out,
six audio jacks, four USB ports, one firewire port, and one Ethernet port.

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