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Board Layout

Temporary storage consist of four 240-pin DIMM slots supporting dual channel DDR2 800/677 MHz memory modules allowing expansion of up to 8GB. There are several methods of population configuration that the AW9D-MAX will allow. Single channel, dual channel asymmetric and dual channel symmetric. With a asymmtetric configuration you can stuff modules of different size capacity in one of each channel in a dual channel mode and under the symmterical configuration facilitates using the modules of the same capacity. Of course we all know single channel mode is just using one slot with one module. For best results anyone with enthusiastic qualities will naturally want to run modules of the same CAS latency from the same vender using the same product sku for best results. While the AW9D-MAX will run out of spec channels, it is always wise to install identical modules for premium performance.

Flanking the LGA 775 socket is the latest generation Silent OTES 2 cooling solution. Both north and south bridge are passively cooled and heat is directed away from both chipsets allowing silent operations. Second generation OTES 2 is a step forward over previous designs. Highly efficient alloy heat pipes and revised heat sinks allow a 3% gain in cooling capacity over previous designs. abit followed the Intel reference design when locating and configuring the LGA 775 socket which allows for many 3rd party cooling solutions without the fear of fit and functionality.  


One of the neat things about the cosmetics of this sku is the black PCB. abit wanted to change up the color scheme with the advent of the AW9D-MAX and did so with flying colors (no pun intended). If that isn’t enough the back and front of the PCB has blue LED’s incorporated around the Silent OTES 2 radiator as seen on other sku’s abit has released recently, while this is nothing new, the color scheme is. In fact there are four blue LED’s surrounding the heat sink giving off a really nice amount of blue light and on the backside of the PCB there are LED’s all over the leading edge of the backside of the PCB, which we will check in in more detail shortly.

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