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ABIT AN7 Motherboard

ABIT announced the release of a new motherboard, based on the NVIDIA Nforce2 chipset. The AN7 comes bundled with the microGuru and is an extra feature offered to overclockers to have control and comfort over their systems, without having to meddle with the BIOS. microGuru combines the ABIT Engineered features ABIT EQ, ABIT FanEQ, ABIT OC Guru, ABIT FlashMenu, ABIT AudioEQ and ABIT BlackBox into a user-friendly interface providing users the perfect environment with which to maximize performance and stability.


The AN7 comes with 2 SATA and 2 Parallel Ports and as such can support up to 6 Hard Disks Drives(HDD). It also comes with an awesome number of I/O ports. There are 2 IEEE.1394 (Firewire) ports and 6 USB 2.0 ports to be exact. Not forgetting, the AN7 comes with integrated LAN and sound. The onboard 6 channel audio comes with S/P DIF In/Out.

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