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Aaron Swartz’s death prompts petition for removal of DA Carmen Ortiz from post

Aaron Swartz’s, an internet activist and Reddit co-founder, death has gotten many people riled up.  The fingers have begun to point as to who should take the majority of the blame for Swartz’s purported suicide.

District attorney Carmen Ortiz, the person overseeing Swartz’s prosecution, is currently in the hot seat.  A petition with 33,000+ signatures is prompting the White House to remove Ortiz from her post on the grounds that Ortiz “overreach[ed]” her role, thereby, indirectly driving Swartz to do what he did.

 “It is too late to do anything for Aaron Swartz, but the who used the powers granted to them by their office to hound him into a position where he was facing a ruinous trial, life in prison and the ignominy and shame of being a convicted felon; for an alleged crime that the supposed victims did not wish to prosecute.

A prosecutor who does not understand proportionality and who regularly uses the threat of unjust and overreaching charges to extort plea bargains from defendants regardless of their guilt is a danger to the life and liberty of anyone who might cross her path.”1

The online community including Kim Dotcom and WikiLeaks have also shown their support the petition and Ortiz’s removal. 

There haven’t been any indications as to whether or not Ortiz will be ousted, and the DA herself has also remained quiet about Swartz’s death.

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