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A4Tech X-718 Gaming Mouse

The X-718 is not larger than your standard mouse in terms of size, but in terms of looks, it is far from run-of-the-mill mouse.

“X7” and the A4Tech logo are emblazoned on the blue, plastic surface of the X-718. The finishing gives the interesting visual effect of the surface being bumpy. Two metallic looking strips run the length of the mouse. The scroll wheel is found in it’s usual position, with the DPI adjustment button just below it.

Turning the mouse over, we find 4 smooth teflon ‘feet’ at the four corners. We also find the label specifying, among other things, the different colour codes for different DPI settings.

A standard USB plug is used here. We found the USB cable to be long enough, but perhaps a little too thin for our liking.

Plugging in the mouse, the optical sensor lights up in the usual red colour. The LED beneath the scrollwheel also comes to life. Pressing the DPI button, the colour of the LED changes in tune to the DPI mode, as specified on the bottom of the mouse (see above). In 2000 DPI mode, the LED flashes between yellow and red constantly. At first, this seemed like an eyesore, but then again, we don’t usually look at our mouse when using the computer, so this doesn’t turn out to be a problem.

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