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A Walkabout in SLS (25-3-2006) – Planet NVIDIA’s launch weekend!

The other 7600GT that came into retail stores this week is the ASUS
. Although this card doesn’t feature anything different from the
rest of the 7600GTs out there, it comes with a 3 year warranty that might
interest some consumers. With a slightly higher price tag of $ 387, ASUS
sure command a slightly higher price tag, probably due to the extended warranty
it offers. For those who are interested, you can find this card at Bell

This is how the packaging of the ASUS EN7600GT is like.
Apparently, most of their current generation cards carries the King Kong design
and of course, the game is included.



The ASUS EN7600GT from top down. As we’ve reiterated over and
over again, this is yet another 7600GT that follows strictly to NVIDIA’s
reference design. Even the heatsink emblem is kept the same!


Likewise, the I/O connectors are virtually the same as the
rest. Dual DVI supporting Dual Link DVI output, and a TV-Out DIN connector.


The memory used on this card should be of no familiar to you
by now – Samsung’s 1.4ns GDDR3 memory.


The heatsink design is also the same from the rest of the
cards out there.


The back side of the card is also very similar to the rest of
the 7600GTs out there in the market. Nothing special except for the few stickers
that indicate it’s brand and model.



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