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A Walkabout in SLS (25-3-2006) – Planet NVIDIA’s launch weekend!

It’s the weekend again and over here at VR-Zone, we return to SLS to bring you the latest product arrivals complete with prices and where you can find them. The last weekend also marks the launch of Planet NVIDIA – look here for more details!

It’s been another week, and once again, we’ll update you with the latest
products and happenings, right at the heart of Singapore’s biggest (and probably
the best) IT shopping mall.

This week, we continue to see more of the new NVIDIA 7 series graphics cards
appearing at the stores. One of the mid range 7600GT cards that debuted at the
IT Show 2006, but didn’t have enough stocks to make it retail shelves, is the
MSI Geforce 7600GT
. It once became the talk of the town back then, due to
the lowest priced 7600GT at the show, but unfortunately, it was being sold out
soon after word spread. Right now, we managed to catch a few pieces selling at
Fuwell, at the same show price of  $ 369. This card do
not feature at out-of-box pre-overclocking, but it’s nice price tag could just
make up for it.

The packaging of the MSI Geforce 7600GT. As usual, they’ve got
a simple, yet eye catching design.



This is how the card looks like from the top. Like all other
Geforce 7600GT in the market, this MSI card is still based on the same NVIDIA
reference design. The layout of the card should be no stranger to you anymore by



Like any other 7600GTs and even 7900GTs, these cards come with
Samsung 1.4ns GDDR3 memory, capable of doing 714MHz (1430MHz DDR) clocks.



The I/O connectors are also pretty standard over here. Dual
DVI output, together with the TV-Out connector.



The heatsink design follows exactly the same as what NVIDIA
had on the referece card – folded copper fins, with a radial blower fan that
sucks in air from the top, and expels cool air into the surrounding openings.



This is how the back of the card looks like. Nothing much to
note here, except for the few warranty / brand stickers that will identify the
make of the card.



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