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A Walkabout in SLS (1-4-2006)

It’s been the 3rd week after the launch of the NVIDIA Geforce 7600GT GPUs,
and finally, we’re seeing some new and radical cards based on this GPU. The
Xpertvision Geforce 7600GT Sonic
happens to be the first 7600GT which arrived in Singapore with a customized Printed Circuit Board. This happens to
also be the first card that has cooling on it’s memory chips. Although we were
told that these cards feature a 1.2ns (instead of the usual 1.4ns found on
reference designed cards) memory, we could not produce a picture on these fast
memories, due to memory cooling heatsinks being stuck on the RAMs itself.
Nevertheless, these Xpertvision cards are pre-overclocked at 575MHz Core and
1500MHz Memory right out of the box. These cards are being sold at Fuwell,
at a reasonable price tag of $ 349.


This is the packaging of the Xpertvision Geforce 7600GT Sonic.
Huge packaging from Xpertvision this time round.


This is how the card looks like from the top. This Xpertvision
card is probably the first 7600GT around that doesn’t sport the usual green PCB.
The layout of the components are different too.


This is how the back of the card looks like. Instead of the
usual push pin clips used on almost all other 7600GTs, the Xpertvision 7600GT
comes with rather elaborate wire clips as show in this picture.


We could not bring you any pictures of the RAMs as of yet, due
to large heatsinks being stuck on the RAMs itself. The Xpertvision 7600GT is
also the first to have such cooling features.


The Xpertvision 7600GT is also the first 7600GT that doesn’t
come with the usual Dual DVI configuration. While the reference cards comes with
Dual DVI and the usual TV out, this cards only has a single DVI output, a VGA
out, and the standard TV out.


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