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A Walk Around SLS (29-4-2005)

Mouse accuracy had always been the talking point with regards to Mouse in
particular, Logitech had rolled out it’s most precise mouse of it’s MX family,
the Logitech MX518 Gaming Grade Optical Mouse . Featuring 1600DPI of
accuracy, it is also one of the highest in accuracy available in the market.
Also, featuring a 1 click accuracy change, it would suit most "slower" users
too. Found at ATF Multimedia, this mouse goes for $ 119, and
comes with 3 years warranty.

The Mouse itself. Logitech had an interesting design, of creating virtual
potholes in the mouse for this model.


The rear of the packaging.  


As we talk about mouse, we also found this interesting mouse cum USB memory
device. Although it’s no where near Logitech’s offerings, this Acrox Mini
Pocket Optical Mouse
comes with 256MB of Storage space, accessible via USB.
Much like fusing a thumbdrive and a mouse together. Also found at ATF
, and priced at $ 95, it’s great for road warriors,
who loves to travel light.


The packaging of the device. If not for the label stuck on the, no one would
even suspect this mouse has memory capabilities!


A closer look at the mouse from another angle.


Talk about memory, we found some Crucial brand of memory. After a long
disappearance from the local hardware scene, it finally made a comeback, with
it’s DDR400 modules. Found at DAT, the Crucial DDR400 256MB and
are priced at $ 43 and $ 75 respectively.  


The frontal picture of the Ram package. After so long, it is still in a more
or less similar package…


With Micron chips here. No surprise since Crucial is a fully owned subsidiary
of Micron Technologies, which made these chips. 

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