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A Walk around Sim Lim Square (22nd April 2005)

For those who just need sheer ex

For those who just need sheer expension in storage devices, there is this
3Ware 9500S-12
64bit SATA II controller card. Found at ATF Multimedia,
this monster card takes up to 12 SATA drives on it’s own, not to mention it’s
superb fault tolerance features like it’s battery backup unit (BBU) just in case
there’s a power failure. Priced at $ 1679, it is a relatively low
price to pay, as compared to established SCSI solutions:   

The box. BBU support is something that you dont see everyday…

The monster card. 12 SATA connectors for almost any type of RAID
configuration supported, SATA II support, and you get 128MB of ECC RAMs on it

Just some of the connectors only…

A closer look at the rams. 128MB of ECC RAM here. In the background, you see
the Marvell 88i8030 Parallel ATA to Serial ATA converter. Seems like this card
is for Parallel ATA usage, but is bridged over to SATA…

With such a powerful card, you definitely need cages to maximize space in
your casing to fit as much hard disks as possible. With this SATA "Backplane"
you could have 3 3.5" drives in 2 5.25" bays. Supports SATA drives, hot
swappable design, and various RAID modes, this is a pretty nifty cage. Spotted
at The Hardware Place, this cage is priced at $ 149:

The packaging of the cage. It’s all aluminum design, for that added touch in

The cage. Comes even with a locking system for security. Not bad!

A large 80mm fan is included in the cage, for cooling purposes. Various
connectors are shown here also.



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