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A Walk around Sim Lim Square (22nd April 2005)

With the digital home concept being more and more common, products that are
shaped well in decks, capable of playing digital content from our PCs. Over at
ATF Multimedia, we found Snazio’s Net Cinema that could do just
that, with a relatively small damage to your pockets. Priced at $ 439
(including a 802.11g PC card), it’s a steal! (More information over

The deck. Extreme sleek looking, and fits right next to your new VCR deck

Upclose on the standards available on player.

The rear of the player. Many connectors available to make this player a
highly functional one.

A close up of the main connectors. Even has DVI, for high end large LCD

Also another digital home device found at ATF Multimedia, the Dvico
TViX M3000U
, is a jukebox-like device, that allows you to record/store your
DVD quality videos directly onto a hard disk. Priced affordably at $ 349,
this device could transfer your favorite Movies/Music into this device, and play
it on your state of art home theater systems:

The box, the device and even a remote control that comes with it. Pretty cool

Another sleek and small device that you could put beside your pretty TV or
Home Theater systems.

The rear of the device, where all the connectors are. Component and Composite
out for most AV equipment, and also USB2.0 interface.

The top of the device where the controls are. Shiny and pretty!

There is a nicely concealed bottom cover, where you could remove, and place
your hard disk in it.




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