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A Walk around Sim Lim Square (15th April 2005)

PSUs are getting more and more important these days, since new systems get
more and more power hungry. Antec has it’s new line of V2.0 PSUs, namely the
Truepower 2.0
for the higher end, and Smartpower 2.0 for the budget.
Found at Fuwell, these PSUs sells for $ 99, $ 159, $ 179, $ 209,
for the 350W, the 430W and the 550W respectively.

A picture of the new V2.0 family, from 350W, to 550W. Kind of ironic, with
the Smartpower’s box larger then it’s more expensive Truepower brothers…
However, do note that the Smartpower comes with 2x 80mm fan, for the "Push-Pull"
design. The Truepower 2.0 had a single 120mm fan. More information of the
Truepower 2 can be found here.

The specs of the Smartpower 350W. 25A for the 12V rail. Impressive for a sub
$ 100 PSU I’ll say.

The specs of Truepower 2 430W.

Specs for the 480W version.

Specs for the flagship 550W version.

Next, over at Cybermind Computer House, we found Corsair XMS
Xpert (CMXP512-3200C2)
sets. Featuring moving LED displays on top of these
memory, this is one of the most eye catching component you can get for your
system. Due to an on running promotion, this pair of fantastic memory sells for
$ 499 for the 1GB kit.

The set. Those huge modules are simply eye catching even without powering up!

The back of the packaging. Looks interesting, really!



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