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A Walk About SLS (Special Graphics Card Edition) (25-6-2005)

Next, over at ATF Multimedia, we saw one the prettiest Geforce 7800
GTX in this week’s Walk About. The XFX Geforce 7800 GTX comes with the
best packaging, and also, the best aesthetics in terms of heatsink design. Also,
being the only maker that includes a solid metal bar across the card, to prevent
card warping. Found at ATF Multimedia, and priced at S$ 1099, this
is one of the best looking cards around.

XFX’s trademark “X” shapped box, that yearns for attention.

The rear of the box, with a small window that shows the very pretty heatsink
design. Also, indicated here, XFX includes 3 games, namely Motor GP, X2: The
Threat, and Far Cry in this 7800 GTX package.

A look at the stunning card. Being the only card that has a totally different
heatsink outlook different from the Nvidia reference card, XFX had done a very
fantastic job.

The back of the card. Very similar to the NVIDIA reference card, also.

The I/O connectors. As usual, Dual DVI, and a standard VIVO connector.

XFX is the only brand that comes with this anti warp bar. Great for users who
intend to mount heavy duty coolers!

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