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A Walk About SLS (20-8-2005)


Next, over at Fuwell, we found the cheaper brother of that ABIT
board, the ABIT AL8-V. Based on the Intel i945P chipset, it is a cut down
version, providing slightly less performance as compared to the i955X chipsets.
However, for users who want to go dual core, this is still a pretty good choice.
Priced at $ 249, this is one enthusiast level board.

The packaging of the ABIT AL8-V.


The label found on the packaging, with highlights to the key features found
on the board.


This is how the board looks like from the top.


The silk screen label on the board, together with a label, with the board
revision. Revision 1.0 for the board we found.


Like the AW8, this AL8-V comes with a similar Broadcom BCM5789KFB PCIe
Gigabit LAN controller.


This board also has uGuru technology, meant for overclocking.


The trademark vertical Northbridge fan found once again on the AL8-V.


The SATA ports on this board. Very solid build, thus no more breaking of SATA


A Realtek ALC880 chip takes charge of the 7.1 sound on this board. It
complies to AC97 standard, and Intel HD Audio standard too.


The rear I/O connectors found on the board.






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