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A Walk About SLS (13-8-2005)

It’s the usual SLS Walk About, reporting on the latest developments in hardware, right here at VR-Zone!

Finally we saw an ATi card that

Finally we saw an ATi card that has the potential to take down the strong
Nvidia mid range market. Touted to be a 6600GT killer, the Powercolor X800GT
is meant to target at the mid range mass market. Built from the high end X850
family, with 1/2 of the pipelines disabled, it is certainly ATi’s best bet
against the "designed for mid range" 6600GT. Though this card is found at
, at $ 329, VR-Zone members could get this card at a
discounted price
. Check
here for more

The Powercolor X800GT, from the top. Available only in PCIe configuration.


The RAMs present on the card. Samsung GDDR3 2.0ns memory!


Dual DVI for this model. Usually a feature for the high end card, this X800GT
spots such I/O too.


A large fan on this X800GT. Larger then those X800 and X800XL parts.


Very solid mounting of the heatsink via such spring loaded screws, to provide
excellent contact on the core.


The packaging of this X800GT.

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