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A Walk About in SLS (4-6-2005)

Also at ATF Multimedia

Also at ATF Multimedia, the other new motherboard spotted was the Gigabyte
GA-8N-SLi. Based on the latest Nvidia nForce 4 SLi Intel Edition, this board,
like the 8I955X Royal, is another feature packed to the brim motherboard. Priced
also at $ 469, you get the ability to use the currently fastest Graphics
platform, together with the rich host of features.

Since Nvidia’s official color is green, Gigabyte made this 8N-SLi’s packaging
box to be green as well. Like the 8I955X Royal, the box is huge and heavy.


The board from the top.


The familiar SLi switch card seen here, in between 2 PCIe x16 slots for SLi
graphics card configurations.


Like the 8I955X Royal, this board comes with a very sturdy SATA connector.
All of these SATA ports are SATA II, delivering 300Mbps of bandwidth. 4 of these
ports are on the Nvidia MCP04 South Bridge, while the last 2, by a very new
Promise PDC 20779 SATA II controller.


The above mentioned Promise 20779 SATA II controller chip.


Included on this board, the Marvell 88E8053 PCIe Gigabite Network controller.
Note that there’s another Marvell chip (not shown here), the Marvell 88E80111,
which is the GbE PHY for Nvidia’s built in LAN.


Additional power connectors for this board, meant for more power to PCIe


The rear I/O connectors. Pretty similar to 8I955X Royal.




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