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A quick look at Gigabyte’s mainstream 7-series boards

Gigabyte's first H77 model is the H77-D3H which is a standard ATX size board that is nigh on identical to the Z77-D3H. The only difference we could spot was the lack of heatsinks on the MOSFETs and there's of course the obvious chipset change. Again, it's surprising to see that Etron host controller in place, when Gigabyte has used USB 3.0 hubs on its higher-end models.

The H77M-D3H helps to explain why the Z77M-D3H seems to exist, as the two boards share the same PCB layout. It's kind of surprising that Gigabyte only has two H77 models in its new line-up, but it appears that the company has put a fair bit of focus on the B75 chipset.

As such we have the B75-D3V which is an ATX size motherboard with a fairly similar layout to the H77-D3H, albeit with some chipset related changes such as only a single SATA 6Gbps port. The PWM design has also been further simplified and there's no additional USB 3.0 host controller, nor an HDMI port to be found on this board.

Besides the B75M-S3V model that we've already seen, Gigabyte is also going to have the B75M-D3H which is a higher-end B75 mATX board. Here you get four memory slots, a pair of x16 PCI Express slots, although once again the second slot goes via the chipset and as such only offer four lanes of bandwidth. Note that despite the angled SATA 6Gbps connector you only get a single SATA 6Gbps port, whereas the second port is SATA 3Gbps. The B75M-D3H also sports an HDMI port alongside the DVI and D-sub connector that's present on all the other B75 models.

In addition to the models at the show, Gigabit will also be offering the Z77-DS3H which is a slightly different version of the Z77-D3H that lacks the additional USB 3.0 host controller, but gains an eSATA port. It also has a PCI Express x1 slot less and a more basic PWM design. The most basic Z77 model is the Z77P-D3 which only has an HDMI port, hence the P in the model name. It's otherwise fairly similar to the Z77-D3H in terms of layout and features. Gigabyte has posted details of most of its upcoming 7-series motherboard on a dedicated website which you can find by clicking the link below.

Source: Gigabyte

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