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Razer has recently announced their new range of gaming pheripherals targeted at the console xbox 360 users, the Onza gaming controller and the Chimaera headset.
COST: Onza US $49.99; Europe € 44.99 , Chimaera US $129.99; Europe €109.99

Razer, the world leader in high precision gaming and lifestyle pheripheral, have recently announced that they have recently developing gaming pheripherals for the Xbox 360, with the Razer Onza™ Professional Gaming Controller, and the Razer Chimaera™ Professional Gaming Headset.

Razer Onza™ Professional Gaming Controller

Designed to improve XBox 360 players’ gaming experiences with many special features, including Razer Hyperesponse™ buttons to give faster actuation and a crisp, tactile feel; multi-function button (MFB) that can be mapped to act as one of the action buttons, the analog stick buttons or an auto-fire button by using a sliding selector switch on the bottom of the controller.

To maximise comfort level and personalisation through customization, Razer Onza will allow gamers to vary the tension required to tilt the analog stick. The Razer Onza Professional Gaming Controller for Xbox 360 is further distinguished by a sharply-lit edge, for gaming that stays in style, even in the dark.

Key Features:
    * Razer Hyperesponse™ technology
    * Adjustable Tension Analog Sticks
    * Programmable Multi-function Button
    * Wired Control for Virtually Lag Free Gameplay

COST: US $49.99; Europe € 44.99

Razer Chimaera™ Professional Gaming Headset

Design to provide sharp sound quality that optimizes gaming experience with crisp, roaring sound from the virtual 5.1 surround sound system, and compliments with games that are encoded in full 5.1 channel surround sound. It also allow daisy chain connection of multiple Razer base station to create a direct, private communication channel for in-game conversation. The design of the headset also offer optimal noise isolation, allowing full immersion into the gaming environment.

Key Features:

    * 5.1 Channel Virtual Surround Sound
    * Circumaural Design
    * Daisy-Chain Cable System allows multiple base stations to connect for private communication channel

COST: US $129.99; Europe €109.99

Currently there is no date listed for the release, however Razer have said that the 2 pheripherals will be available worldwide. We will be bringing you the update on the release date soon.

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