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A.C.Ryan AluBox Digital Video Recorder Preview

The AluBox DVR is both a media and storage machine. It can play a wide range of media such as audio, video and even your photos in Slideshow view. On the front of the AluBox is a built-in card reader that accepts CompactFlash cards, SD cards and MMC. Basically cards from your cameras or handphones could probably be used with this box.

We also have a few indicator LEDs presented to us on the front bezel that will light up accordingly when data is being accessed/written whether via the PC or during recording and plackback. Overall, the front is neat and very presentable.

The rear holds all the input and output jacks. There is a USB 2.0 port. And there are a set of 3.5mm jacks for video input and video output. The box requires DC input and an external adapter is used. A nice addition is the built-in power on/off switch. It comes in handy when you need to have it completely off but have hidden your power brick somewhere.

With the hard drive loaded, everything fits nicely and there isn’t really any squeeze anywhere. Using the provided screws to hold the hard disk firmly in place, just slot the tray back in, screw it tight and you’re good to go.

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