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A 3D-printer designer shoe to stash your iPhone while walking

How about a shoe in which you can carry your iPhone?

Have you ever thought of carrying your phone on your shoe? Well probably not, because it isn't very normal at all (or is it?). Designer Alan Nguyen of Freedom of Creation (more on them later) came up with the idea of designing such a product to cater to DJs because "they take other people's things and they put it together to create something totally new." Designing such a product requires imagination, but coming up with a cool name (iPhone Mashup Shoe, c'mon!) is another talent all by itself.

The shoe itself is a size 37 (or US size 6) and has been designed around iPhone cases found at FreshFiber (another 3D-printed accessories site). Much of the heel of the shoes is made of cases which can clearly be seen in the image below.

You can buy one too!

Freedom of Creation is a 3D-printing house based off Amsterdam, Netherlands which was originally founded in the year 2000. Their catalogues range from jewelry to furniture to lighting products as well. FreshFiber is another 3D-printing based accesories store that goes by the tag line "Personalized 3D Accessories".

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