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A $150 kid-focused tablet is Polaroid’s attempt at new life

After being saved from oblivion, Polaroid has been searching for some way to become relevant in a new world where instant photograms mean uploading images from camera phones to Instagram. The company's latest attempt is an interesting offering – a 7-inch tablet aimed for kids.

I have never understood the reasoning for giving any kid, regardless of age, an expensive electronic device like a smartphone—especially kids under the age of 12 or 13. Besides making sure that they aren't the object of ridicule for not being one of the "cool" kids, children and smartphones are nothing more than a marketing ploy for tech companies and telcoms.

However, when it comes to something like tablets the idea of them being a part of a child's world makes a lot more sense. The only thing about that idea is that I cringe the thought of a toddler or young child getting their grimy mitts on a device that can cost multiple hundreds of dollars.  Moreover, often times these expensive tech toys aren’t design for slobbery and ill-tempered kids.

So as much as I might disagree with children and smartphone or cringe at the idea of miniature humans throwing around a tablet, I find this offering from a re-launched Polaroid (remember them – the instant picture company that almost went bankrupt and then bought up) something that I can actually get behind.

The 7-inch tablet comes in a rugged shell with bright colors and big buttons, which that alone makes it perfect for small kids. The yet-to-be-named tablet ships with Android Ice Cream Sandwich installed – even though it's hidden by a more kid friendly shell – and pre-loaded with 35 "premium apps", but more available in a kid-friendly app store. 

As far as price, Polaroid says it is available for $149.99 and that it is available now directly from Polaroid or in stores later this month.

via Android Central

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