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8600GTS Gaming Performance

Both cards are just indistinguishable in performance in
Company Of Heroes.


7-9% performance advantage shown by 8600GTS. Very playable in
this game at 1600×1200.


About 27% performance advantage displayed by 8600GTS, but not
so playable at such maximum settings. Settings definitely needs to be tuned down
in game.


Next 16x Anisotropic Filtering was turned on and games ran at

Not much of significant advantage displayed by 8600GTS except
in BattleField 2142 in performance. However, the AF quality is better on the
8600GTS, this to be mentioned.

In terms of overclocking, both are overclocking masters when
overclocked the “professional” way… But close to 60% headroom can be garnered
on the 7900GT but “only” about 35% on the 8600GTS. For how well this card

check here.
However, the 8600GTS offers
other goodies on top of slightly better performance in current games, Direct X
10 support, better Anisotropic Filtering Quality. Both cards don’t run too hot
on the core as well. Not a huge jump when one goes from 7900GT to 8600GTS on
current games as yet, but for those looking for an DX10 capable upgrade from a
low-end card at a cheap price tag can have an idea of this card’s current

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