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85 year old UK woman addicted to PS3 gaming

Meet Hilda, an elderly woman from the UK who proves that you don't have to be young to enjoy video games, and uses them to keep her mentally active.

Hilda Knott isn't your average gamer: she's an 85 year old senior from the UK who loves her library of PlayStation 3 games.

In a recent interview Hilda discussed many of the benefits that gaming offers elderly adults, including the improvement of critical thinking skills and heightened mental acuity:

Do you think it actually keeps you active, mentally?

"Oh definitely…yes. Because a lot of games are adventures and fighting as well as puzzles, and you have to figure out how to do something, and when to do it."

Hilda is one of many elderly adults who frequently uses console gaming as a means of both entertainment and to keep mentally active, a trend which has been consistent for quite some time. Not all gamers are young, and Hilda has been playing video games for over forty years: she's seen the evolution of gaming from the very beginning to its current state.

Hilda also plays her PS3 games on a gigantic 65-inch HDTV (pictured above) mainly to help with her eyesight, and frequently plays with her 94 year-old aunt via PSN.

It's interesting to find that the range of female gamers is actually climbing, and it has predicted that by the end of this year female gamers may outnumber their male counterparts for the first time ever.

Elderly gamers are more common that most people think, and it's not surprising to find that the influence of video games has affected gamers of all ages across the world.

Via BBC News

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