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50,000 or 800,000? There’s some confusion over Galaxy Gear numbers

Samsung initially denies reports that only 50,000 smart watches have been sold, but Korean media doubt the number Samsung is offering.

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On Tuesday Korean media reported Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch — which has been almost universally panned by critics — had only sold 50,000 units since its launch earlier this year. Quickly, Samsung rebuffed the number with company officials claiming in an interview with Reuters that it had actually sold 800,000 of its smartwatches.

Now it appears that Samsung wasn’t being entirely truthful with Reuters.

Yonap reported that Samsung’s 800,000 number represented shipments to channel instead of actual sales to consumers. This was confirmed shortly afterwards by The Verge, which got a statement from Samsung stating that the 800,000 referred to shipments and not sales.

Traditionally, device manufacturers only release numbers about shipments and not sales to consumers as most manufacturers (with the exception of Apple) only sell to retail partners.

However in this case Samsung was boasting about the 800,000 number, as if it were something else. Considering that the Galaxy Gear has a return rate of nearly 30 percent, Samsung needs to do all it can to spin the Galaxy Gear’s launch into something positive.

50,000 units sold, as analyst Maribel Lopez told CNET, “is a rounding error in device sales.”

Source: CNET, Yonap

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