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5.9-inch HTC T6 with Key Lime Pie to challenge Galaxy Note 3


Details about HTC’s upcoming phablet emerge. Possibly a replacement to the H TC Butterfly, the HTC T6 (T6 refers to its codename as its actual model name is still unknown) appears to be HTC’s upcoming weapon against Samsung’s successful Galaxy Note series of “phablets”. According to leaked specs, the HTC T6 seems to be an “upgraded” HTC One, with the HTC One’s “signature” features such as the BlinkFeed homescreen, BoomSound speakers and UltraPixel camera, while also having a supercharged spec list. HTC_T6

Packing a Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor clocked at a whopping 2.3GHz, the HTC T6 could be said to be one of the most powerful smartphones to date, complemented by a massive 5.9-inch Full-HD (1080p, 373ppi) screen and a similarly massive 3300mAh battery. While it can be hypothesized that the battery should keep most current smartphones powered for possibly 2 days or longer on a single charge, it is also important to note that the massive battery and speedy processor may eat into a chunk of the T6’s battery life. The HTC T6 also packs Android Key Lime Pie, meaning it would have an operating system newer than any phone available or leaked to date, but it also means that the earliest possible release would be at the end of this year, when Android Key Lime Pie is expected to be released. Sadly though, it is quite possible that the T6’s impressive specs will have already become the norm for high-end phablets by the time it’s released.

Despite the impressive processor, screen and battery, HTC hasn’t made much improvement to other parts of the hardware list. RAM remains pegged at a regular 2GB, while the front camera still hasn’t got an upgrade from 2.1Megapixels, despite the fact that newer Chinese smartphones are starting to sport 5Megapixel front cameras and 2GB RAM. What’s interesting to note is the downgrade of internal storage  from the HTC One’s 32GB to a measly 16GB of storage. Hopefully, this is just the lowest-end model of the HTC T6, and 32/64GB variants will be made available after its official launch.

In addition, HTC has also included a nice addition to up its game against Samsung’s Galaxy Note series  HTC is said to be making T6’s stylus a “premium experience”. Also included is a fingerprint reader that is mounted on the back  just gripping the phone allows the T6 to scan its user’s fingerprint and unlock the phone. In addition, HTC will also be making its own battery case, so users will not need to rely on aftermarket battery cases if they still find its massive battery to be lacking.

The HTC T6 currently has no release date nor pricing, but we will keep you updated if any more information is known.

Source: TheUnlockr

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