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5.2-inch Nokia RM-964 surfaces in India, could be compact, metal-clad Lumia 1520 version

A flurry of unreleased Nokia devices have been making the rumor rounds of late, including one allegedly powered by Android, but by far the most exciting of all crops up today, via the all-knowing Zauba Indian import tracker.


No, this new guy doesn’t run Android… or iOS. At least we don’t think so, because there’s no actual mention of the on-board OS in Zauba’s database. There’s only a cryptic codename (RM-964), an intriguing display size (5.2 inches), and an estimated worth ($565, or Rs. 34,524).

Granted, we’re looking at a “testing and evaluation purpose” device, so that price tag may not be entirely accurate. Yet assuming it’s not off by, say, 200 bucks, it very clearly signals a top-shelf Lumia phone.

And what kind of top-shelf Lumia could Nokia be working on so soon after the 1520 release? Exactly, a subspecies of the 6-incher with a more pocket-friendly form factor. One to resemble the Verizon-bound Lumia 929, but make its way indiscriminately around the world.

Nokia RM-964

Last, but not least, one that may sport an all-aluminum chassis, if we are to trust gossip from a few weeks back. Can you picture it? Everything that makes the Lumia 1520 the greatest Windows Phone ever, just in a smaller package.

Snapdragon 800 speed, Full HD crispness, 2 GB RAM (or why not 3?), microSD support (hopefully), a 20 MP rear-facing camera with Carl Zeiss optics and OIS, Dolby sound enhancement, all in a frame that you can easily tuck away in your trouser pocket.

It’s the dream, and possibly what would finally put Nokia on the high-end mobile map. But let’s wait and see if it’s real before making any further plans. Timing is key as well, since Sony’s Xperia Z2 and Samsung’s Galaxy S5, both rocking even more outstanding specs, are looming on the horizon.

Sources: Nokia Power User, Zauba

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