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3D renderings show purported design of Apple’s low cost iPhone

Recently, alleged schematics of the low cost iPhone were leaked online, and based these leaks some new 3D rendering have been created which give us an idea of what Apple’s low cost iPhone may look like.


Apparently, many case makers believe that the leaked schematics offer a pretty good idea of what low cost iPhone’s design is going to be, so they’re already building cases based on them. This isn’t something new, case makers tend to get their products ready based on design rumors, and they do take a hit if rumors turn out to be false. Apple hasn’t even acknowledged the existence of a low cost iPhone, so it can’t be said with conviction right now if any leaked schematic of any sort is indicative of an eventual release of the budget iPhone.


These 3D renders show that the orifices for speaker and microphone are on the bottom–this is apparently a subtle compliment to the new wireless signal indicators in iOS 7. Much like the current iOS devices, the purported low cost iPhone shown here also has a Lightning port with a 3.5mm headset jack right beside it.

The volume controls on the side are shaped like pills, which is similar to the controls on an iPod touch.  The back corners are curved, like they are on an iPod Classic. The back panel of this low cost iPhone will reportedly be made out of plastic and the device itself is not rumored to have a Retina display.

Plastic components along with a standard display will help to cut manufacturing costs.  However, the CEO of Pegatron, a major manufacturer for Apple, recently said that the low cost iPhone might not be as cheap as people think it is going to be.

Apple is expected to launch the low cost iPhone later this year, presumably around the holiday season. Till that happens, we’ll just have to keep up with all the rumors regarding this device.

Source: [AppleInsider]

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