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3D Printing gun site getting 3,000 visitors per hour

As can be expected the idea of anyone being able download the plans for guns and then turn them into real gun parts using 3D printers has created quite the uproar, both positive and negative, but through it all sites like DEFCAD have seen a massive growth in traffic since launching their service.

Of all our recent technological innovations, the increasing growth of 3D printing holds the most potential for affecting our society in ways that we can't even imagine at this point.  For instance, data files, which people can download, can be used as blueprints for printing out various tangible objects like toys and even guns.

These data files, which cover an increasing number of gun components, are being made available through sites that have sprung up in order to provide a central place to both let people share their component data files and to keep on top of any new developments with this new technology.

One such site is DEFCAD, and since launching in December 2012 it has become the spot to pick from nearly 90 different components which includes everything from bullet casings to pistol suppressors. They even have data files for grenade models and so far visitors to the site have downloaded over 250,000 files from the site.

Of course this type of download count leads to some pretty impressive traffic numbers for the site. Every hour of the day DEFCAD gets approximately 3,000 visitors which represent some 2TB of traffic since its launch.

Defense Distributed, the company behind the DEFCAD site, says that interest in the site isn't limited to just the United States, and founder Cody Wilson says that they get emails every day from around the world from gun enthusiasts who just want to say thank you for making such a site available.

grenade image courtesy of VentureBeat

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