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$347 Pirate3D Buccaneer Printer hitting Kickstarter soon

Manufacturer Pirate3D has created a 3D printer capable of extrusion based printing at a cost consumers can actually afford.

The Buccaneer is paving the way to sub-$1000 3D printers. With a price tag of just $347, this printer by Pirate3D offers extrusion-based printing for a price consumers can afford. A similar printer would usually cost at least $2000. The device, which is made of stamped steel, prints at 50mm/s at a maximum resolution of 50 microns (the same resolution as the Makerbot). It connects to your pc or mobile device via Wi-Fi.

It's sleek.


With a price tag that low, there are naturally going to be some compromises. The build area is 5.8×3.9×4.7 inches, which is just about half the size of the build area in the Replicator 2. In addition, it could be argued that the prints are a bit jagged and the renders are just on the edge of acceptable, perhaps on par with the Form One. You can check out some pictures here!


At this point the project is mostly a collection of stylized photos and excited blog posts, so whether we’ll actually get a decent extruder remains to be seen, especially since a good one will usually go for $5000 to $7500, but all of that remains to be seen. Perhaps as a first step into the world of affordable 3D-printing though, it’ll find its place.

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