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2K announces Spec Ops: The Line demo on Xbox 360 and PS3

Specs Ops

2K has announced that the demo of third-person military shooter, Spec Ops: The Line is going to be available for Xbox 360 from tomorrow, and for the PlayStation 3 on 17 May. Xbox Gold members have access to the game since last week.

In the single-player demo, you play as Captain Martin Walker in search for Colonel John Konrad and his missing battalion, The Damned 33rd. Needless to say, you get to engage in action-packed fire fighting in Dubai, which has been cut off from the rest of the world after a series of sandstorms. In the two early chapters of the game, you will get to use a variety of weapons and explosives, even using sand as a weapon to strategically bury enemies in their path. The Spec Ops: The Line also features an expansive, class-based multiplayer experience with visually stunning environments where players are encouraged to use their sand-filled surroundings to thwart their enemies.

Pre-orders is available in Singapore at all leading gaming outlets and for those of you who pre-order Spec Ops: The Line will receive a free upgrade to the Fubar Pack which include additional multiplayer gameplay perks such as:

Officer Class Unlocks at Rank 1
Officer Class Gameplay Bonuses
Increases effectiveness of other classes
Increases teammate's firepower against enemies
Decreases teammate's damage taken against enemies
Trigger ammo drop and grenade drops for teammates
Unique Officer class kit
Clan Accessory Pack
Exclusive skins/accessories for all classes
Unique and visually distinctive items
2X XP for 1 Week
AK47 Unlocks at Rank 1

The Spec Ops: The Line will be available in Singapore for the Xbox 360 (S$69.90) and PlayStation3 (S$79.90) game consoles and Windows PC (S$59.90) on 29 June 2012.

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