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25 million iPads sold on average in the previous quarter

This would translate into a 10 percent increase in unit sales year-over-year.


Fortune has been collecting estimates from analysts that track Apple, 28 of them are professionals while the rest are amateurs. The previous estimate was about iPhone unit sales in the previous quarter, these analysts are of the view that on average Apple has managed to sell a staggering 55 million iPhones around the globe. As far as the iPads are concerned, unit sales are believed to have crossed 25 million at the very least.

Amateurs are actually bullish about iPad unit sales, some even predict that as many as 28 million units might have been sold. Some professionals are rather cautious, expecting sales of up to 21 million units. Getting the estimates right is a bit tricky this time around, seeing as how Retina iPad mini supply was incredibly tight during the holiday shopping season. Not to mention the fact that both new tablets, iPad Air and Retina iPad mini, were released when the better part of the last quarter had already gone by.

Apple’s official figures are expected to fall within this expected range. The company isn’t due to release those figures until close of trade on Monday.

Source: Fortune

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