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12.9 Inch iPad release rumored for Q3 2014

Latest rumors suggest that the 12.9 inch iPad might be released around Q3, 2014.


There have already been a lot of rumors about the products Apple is expected to release in 2014. These include iPhones with larger displays, a wearable device as well as multiple models of the iPad. The company is expected to release an “iPad Pro” later this year, one with a 12.9 inch display. This tablet will apparently be geared towards enterprise customers and the education sector.

The market is expected to see an influx of larger tablets in 2014, Samsung has already made the move with its new 12.2 inch tablet. It is believed that this will compel Apple to accelerate development of its own large-size iPads. Market sources are of the view that Apple is likely to launch a 12.9 inch iPad by the end of the third quarter, this is presumably the earlier possible launch that the company can manage.

Previous rumors suggest that Quanta Computer will be tasked with production of the large iPad. Apart from this tablet, Apple is also expected to release refreshed models of its Retina iPad Mini and iPad Air. Its quite possible that they might be launched towards the end of this year.

Source: iClarified

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